Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Homedaycare is turning out to be a good decision for Kulli....she likes the new place....she likes her new friend who is a year older than her....

there are quite a few postiives I have observed with this goes

-> Kulli gets another child to play with and she is learning to share stuff
->the other child G, wouldnt eat Ragi before..but seeing Kulli eat hers, he has started it too
->G loves to keep snacking and Kulli has picked it up...she now eats fruits, nuts, biscuits etc
->they keep running around the house the whole day and are tired by 9 in the night...that is a win win for both me and S (who takes care of Kulli now) cos both the kids are off to bed by 10 (you may say this is still very late for kids bedtime...but wait Kulli's standard bedtime before this was 12:30 a.m.)
-->Kulli gets to eat homemade food and is fed well before I pick her up in the evening

I guess the only negative so far has been Kulli gets to watch a lot of television. But S and I are fine with it till the time Kulli gets settled and gets used to the new environment.

On the whole am glad.. I ve found a good place for her for now.

Monday, February 20, 2012

DayCare part 2

I know its been a while since I updated anything about the lead actor "Kulli" :)...since my last update regarding Kulli going to the daycare things have not been pleasant the updates are below:

 Day 1: Kulli was fine in the daycare the first day...with my mom sitting in a corner and watching her...she kept checking on my mom but continued to play with other kids all the while making sure my mother was still in the vicinity...
Day 2:  We felt Kulli should be left alone and check if she will be fine by that was the mistake we made...Kulli got scared not seeing any known faces around her and started screaming and crying....we left her there for an hour and then I joined her... she hugged me real tight and wouldn't look at me (her way of letting me know she wasnt happy) see we are all insanely emotional (except the father of course) and we cry at the drop of a seeing the leading lady wail was more than a reason for my mother and I to join the teachers in the daycare were puzzled and didn't know whom to console...and we came back home....
Day 3: The father takes Kulli to the daycare knowing that the grand mom and mom are utterly useless in this task.... that's when Kulli realises that her wailing and such tantrums will not work on the father and that she should certainly do something more to get the attention....she plays and cries and cries...when all of a sudden the teacher felt her hand and found that she was running a temperature...the father immediately gives her the Tylenol and takes her home... madam is all happy...but poor thing had developed a mild ear infection...for those who know about kulli and her paranoid shud know that kulli getting fever is equivalent to hell breaking in the household...
Day 4: kulli is given Tylenol and ibuprofen every 3 hours day-in and day-out until she feels better...No Daycare today
Day 5: She feels better..again No DayCare
Day 6: Kulli is fine and taken to the daycare with grandmom...she starts crying and wouldn't stop for 2 continuous hours...the teachers follow CIO and we Indians well most of them are against this mom and grandmom feel guilty again and bring the child back home...
Day 7: Mom starts hunting for a home daycare...where there is TV and people speaking in tamil (the language that kulli understands) and food that she can eat and lots of toys....luckily the mom finds one such nice lady who has a 2 year old and was willing to take Kulli (ofcourse mom has not told the lady the tantrums Kulli is capable of ;)) Kulli is happy in a home daycare so far with granmom by her side though :)...and happily grabbing al the toys from the poor lil guy (remember somewhere my genes in Kulli too...)

So right now getting Kulli used to the nice lady and her son and making sure Kulli behaves and likes place...will update soon, hopefully with good news...until then wishes and prayers for the household please :)...

P.S. Sure you can go ahead and call me names...I know kids shouldn't be allowed TV time....I know sometimes kids should be allowed to cry...I know kids should be taught to share stuff....well I know them theoretically ...par kya kare Dil hai ki maantha nahi :(

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day Care

I am starting daycare for kulli today. My heart has been pounding since last night..its been long since I had this feeling. I guess the last time my heart beat so fast was when I had to give my matter what I did to divert my mind back then my heart would continue to beat faster..
this stopped only when i was half way through the exam...but the good thing was everytime this happened the results of the exam was extraordinary...going by this i really hope kulli also does extraordinarily well at daycare..

i guess she will since the first thing she did after reaching the place was to pull a cracker from another kid's hand :) and chase the kid till she gets one (you see she has my genes too :))