Thursday, August 16, 2012

Updates so far....

I know its been so long since I updated anything about Kulli. Call it a mom's laziness or a busy mom or a mom trying to be a supermom (i personally choose this one)...

Anyways the updates so far are:

-> Went on a road trip to Montreal, Canada in May with Kulli. Doesnt that sound like an achievement in itself? I was super skeptic about this trip but one that couldn't be avoided. I was paranoid as usual and started planning for the trip 3 weeks in advance. As a mom, the only planning was around Kulli, her food, her clothes, her diapers etc etc. Booked hotels with kitchen, stuffed the luggage with rice, moong dal. curd, goldfish crackers, 2 big cartons of bottled water, toys, books, loads of clothes for Kulli. I kept wondering if Kulli will do fine sitting tied to a car seat for 6-8 hours continuously. The trip started, we kept playing Kulli's favorite songs/rhymes and madam was all the more happy in her seat and went off to snooze-land for more than half the journey(I am so used to her rhymes that when I open my mouth to sing all I can think of is twinkle twinkle or now i know my ABCs or do you know the muffin man). She was amazing during the trip, loved the new places kept observing all the new people. The trip was awesome fun.

-> Started a proper daycare for Kulli in June, if you have read my previous experience about Kulli and daycare you should know that the over obsessive, over possessive mom in me appears from nowhere and creates havoc in the household. Well it sure was getting there before Kulli realized that daycare is a saner place to stay and play, than the mad mom in the house. She cried on and off the first day, loved her daycare and loved the teachers from the second day.  With that I bid farewell to the possessive mama in me and the saner/wiser mom appeared and I guess is still there around. This daycare i awesome, even though Kulli does not eat much there, she has loads of fun with quite a lot of activities. Her teachers tell me she is very smart (dancing on the cloud, common guys this is my first one don't I deserve a dance on the cloud for just a few seconds :)) and I very politely tell them that kids these days sure are.

->Kulli has grown taller and thinner (isnt it weird when she is given all the fat food and yet she grows thinner while all I eat is fat free food and run around her all the time and yet my waistline just keeps increasing.?.sigh...). she is obsessed with ipad, iphone to the extent where I think she dreams of these electronics and wakes up screaming at 2 in the night asking for a phone or an ipad...(I love steve jobs...but didnt really think that my love for him will be transferred to an obsession in my child ).

-> Her vocab is growing everyday and she now forms 2-3 word sentences.
to record a few here:
Take a look
What is this?
Amma poduma (Amma thats enough for milk)

-> Kulli loves to mock-fight with Shonapa. This is their everynight routine. I put her to sleep and when she is half way there, shonapa comes running and pulls her leg, she immediately runs back to me, hugs me tightly and hides under the comforter. He pulls her back and she hits him...the effort in putting her to sleep goes down the drain here..although I must admit its great fun to see the two fight :)