Thursday, November 29, 2012

Life of Pi

No no..dont go away..this isnt a movie review,relax.

Shonapa and I love to watch movies together..he likes good movies (read it as intelligent movies that tortures your brains for no reason) and I love the mushy, romantic always happy ending movies. Nevertherless we love to go see movies together. I still remember seeing Inception together and discussing (arguing, fighting) about the movie and what it meant and how many levels of dreams etc etc all night long, and we love doing this.

However since Kulli arrived this wish of ours had taken a back seat. And no, we did not stop seeing movies, but we stopped seeing it together so that babysitting becomes easy.
Last sunday I really wanted to see Life of Pi and that too with Shonapa so that we can have one such intellectual discussions/fights regarding God, philosophy etc etc. So we made a plan to put Kulli to sleep and go watch the movie. Kulli naps for exactly 2 hours and so we had to time her nap so that she falls asleep 10 minutes before the movie starts to watch it uninterrupted. Kulli falls asleep when we drive long distance and so the plan was to head out driving till madam falls asleep and then buy tickets for the movie.

Once in the car madam wanted us to play her rhymes CD, we obliged and she goes "stop Kukkaburra stop..." shaking her head, legs enjoying the songs. Whenever I tried patting her, she started singing louder. Did she know our plot? Murphy's law we thought and kept driving praying all the while that she falls asleep. The movie was to start at 3:40pm and we were still on the roads at 3:30pm driving for more than 40 minutes for kulli to go into the zzzzzzzland and give us our movie time. Finally madam went to sleep at 3:40, we run to check if the tickets were available and didnt I say I love happy endings :), we got the tickets watched the movie un-interrupted for 2 full hours all the while Kulli sleeping on my lap.

We come out and discuss the movie, pat our backs at the successful planning, laugh about it.

And yes like the old lady waiting for the car said "we saved on baby sitting too" ;)

Loved the movie (had a happy ending you see :))