Monday, March 26, 2007

Success Vs Attitude

An idle brain can make you think anything and everything in this world. Guess, this happens with everybody when you catch your brain wandering away in thoughts that might not make sense later or discussed with anybody. Well, likewise I caught myself brooding about some people around who make no difference in my life and yet I try to get some lessons from these folks.

I came to the US and started reading people's lifestyle and their definition of what we call ' BEING SUCCESSFUL'. For most of the people I found that the very fact that they have settled in this country makes them successful :), for few others this country gave an oppurtunity to explore their interests, work towards it, achieve it and call themselves successful. It is strange to find people falling into one of these 2 categories where both have detached themselves from where they belong.

Well, let me not drift too much away from the title to get back to what I intend to convey is simply this, in both the categories I found majority of the people 'PSEUDO' or should I call them 'IGNORANT'. PSEUDO because I felt that they were changing themselves completely to fit in this place. I would agree upon this change if it remains so towards everyone and everywhere, but when the change is meant only for people who affect directly or indirectly for you to survive here is when I would call the change pseudo. IGNORANT because they are lost not knowing where they are heading towards and considering themselves successful enough to degrade others. I understand that the term SUCCESS is relative and however relative the term be, for me anyone who has succeeded enough in his own definition and yet is firm on the earth is truly Sucessful.

Now lets come to the ATTITUDE part of it, is ATTITUDE directly proportional to your success and being humble indirectly? Well, it looks like thats how it is, and it indeed is sad. Lot of people are lost in not knowing what their needs are and remain with the false ego that they are successful. I would like to say just this, be successful in anyway that you have defined it to yourself but be humble at the same time and helpful. At the end of the day it really matters how good you have been and not how much have you acquired.