Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Manager will hit you with the rolling pin..."

I know I've disowned the blog for sometime now. I take the blame, too lazy extremely hectic settling down in a new place, I can bore you with quite a lot of reasons, but nope that's not the intention of this post.

I really had to post this incident. Everytime I am on call with my manager kulli somehow manages to distract/disturb me. I keep telling her that my manager will hit me with rolling pin if I didn't work. The other day I was on call with my manager and kulli as usual tried to disturb me, I was in no mood to entertain her since the call was pretty serious and one where I had to do the talking. Kulli understood that I can get really angry if she distracted me. So she ran into her room maybe to plot her next move. She came back after 20 mins forcefully planted a kiss on my lips for nearly 5 mins and then mocked at me " now your manager will hit you with the rolling pin :)"

Hoping to keep posting such incidents more and more.