Monday, September 17, 2012

Terrific ....oh wait Terrible Twos

Its amazing to see Kulli grow so fast...the memory of holding her in just my palm is etched in my mind and is still so fresh that my mind is reluctant to believe that she is 2. Sigh. Kids do grow very fast.

On her birthday Kulli was sick with severe cough and cold. I had an important task to finish up at work and hence with a really heavy heart left Kulli in the daycare. I quickly finished work took the rest of the day off and reached Kulli as fast as I could. On reaching the school I realised she doesnt even know or understand that its her birthday and madam was all happy to be with her friends playing. I took her home and made pop corns for her (her favourite these days!). In an hour I felt her body go warm and she was heading for a fever. Thus, our plans of celebratng her birthday(just her, me and Shonapa) was cancelled. The only thing possible was going to the temple and doing an Archanai on her name.

Her birthday was on a weekday and so Shonapa and I planned to have her birthday party in the weekend. Kulli loves outdoors, she loves to run, slide, pull the grass, collect woodchips etc and hence we planned to have the party in a nearby park (also we had invited around 30 guests and couldnt have accomadated all of them at home). The party was to start at noon, I got up that day praying that Kulli feels better and that she enjoys the party (whats the fun if the kiddo isnt doing well and we have the party for the heck of it, uh?). Kulli was all happy and gay to see a lot of our friends at home and quite a lot of activities happening around. It got her all pumped up and excited. The day however started with rains and it was way too cold. That oneday I wished that it should stop raining and that the sun should shine nice and bright (you see I dont like it when its too hot and always keep wishing that it rains and pours.).

At noon, the sun was shining bright and it was an amazing weather. Wow, for once my wish had come true (may be it was because of Kulli's lucky stars :) ) and the day was just perfect. I did lose my temper a little when the brat didnt want to wear a beautiful dress(before you judge, the fabric was made of a very comfortable material mind you!) that my friend had got her for the occasion. She is more comfortable with a tee and a cotton pant. I took her to the park and she forgot all about the dress and was all glee when everyone around started giving her the attention. The party was an awesome fun, the kids had great fun running around in the open park, playing with the balloons, breaking the pinata, collecting the choclates. Kulli was having her own gala time going wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee on the slide. She must have played on the slide for like 60-80 times and without getting tired.

We cut the cake which was ordered to be made in the form of alphabet A, since Kulli loves the alphabets and that her name starts with this letter. She danced (visualise a tiny tot shaking her hips beating Kat's hip movement in Sheela ki Jawani ;)) and sang abcdefg...twinkle twinkle, she looked so cute. For me this was the highlight of the party and I was very glad all my friends attended the party to wish and bless the child.

There was one card that Kulli received from a friend of mine which I am sure to save had the below message:

Hi A,

When you are old enough to read this message, just remember that the day started with rains and it was all gloomy but when it was time the sun came out and it was warm and bright.


It was an amazing message with loads of meaning for Kulli.