Friday, March 1, 2013

Love thyself

Isnt it true that we should love ourselves first? Its a great lesson I learnt from my dad and my husband. I always keep reminding myself that I should teach this to Kulli when she grows a little older and understands this. Little did I know that Kulli already loves herself and does not need to be taught :). If you dont agree to this, please read further.

Shonapa keeps telling Kulli "Appa loves you", "Amma loves you" (he actually screams this and its like a game wherein when shonapa screams "Appa loves you", Kulli goes "Kulli loves you"). He then asked her "You Love?" and she said "You", Shonapa was elated but then thought about it for a while and realised she would say the same thing ("You") if anyone asked her "You Love?", thats when he taught her to say "You Love Appa". Kulli learnt this very well cos whenever I asked her "You love?" she would happily yell "Appa", this made me go red in anger, envy and I counted to 10 made sure I was calm and then taught Kulli to say "You Love Amma", I repeated this like 100 times and made sure even if I asked her in sleep she should say "You Love Amma" :) .

So when Shonapa acme home from office, I took Kulli to him and asked her "Amma Loves?", she goes "You", "Appa Loves?" she goes "You" and finally to make my point to Shonapa I ask her "You Love?" and she goes "Kulli" sigh :(