Thursday, November 11, 2010

D-Day 13th Sep 2010

I can never forget this day ever.

Jan 9 2010 I tested for pregnancy and inspite of the plus sign I couldnt believe that I had gotten pregnant. Shonapa and I always felt it would take atleast 6 months to conceive and there I was staring at the plus sign in the very first attempt of trying. After a lot of thought I phoned my Mom, MIL and a friend(with 2 kids) to confirm if I was really pregnant, everyone congratulated me and it took a couple of days for both shonapa and me to sink in this news. I met with the gynec on Jan 19 and she told me the due date was sep 10 2010.

When I was 14 weeks into pregnancy the doc told us about the Down Syndrome test and checked with us if we wanted to get it tested on the foetus. This test was optional, Shonapa and I werent sure if wanted to get this done. Again made few phone calls to my experiences friends and found that in this test we get to see the fully formed foetus right from the head to toe. Also, I found that this syndrome was not common amongst us Indians. We went ahead and did the test, I must admit that when I saw the fully formed baby in one screenshot I felt the nausea and suffering that i was going through was worth it. I fell in love with my baby right then. 9 months of pregnancy was quite a ride.

I quit my job when I was 6 months into pregnancy not because I was pregnant but well that deserves another post maybe sometime later. 19th week I had an ultrasound and the doc had earlier mentioned that we will get to know the sex of the child. Thrilled Shonapa and I had a bet with me betting for a girl :) and I won I won!!. This was the 2nd time I fell in love with my lil one. The rest of the weeks just flew and we were very anxious to see the baby. By now we had imagined her face a lot. After the 39th week my doc suggested I can be induced labor and we had to give her a date. We chose sep 12th since it had a good nakshatra.

I got admitted in the hospital and the doc on duty put a tape to open the cervix. We slept well and the next day I was 4 cms dilated. I got confident that the entire process will be over by evening but I guess what you propose always gets disposed. The doc on duty injected pitocin around 12, I started feeling contractions only at 4. Around 7 the contractions started to get painful. I remember screaming and howling after that. I pleaded with my gynec o give me epidural and she couldnt since I was low on blood platelet count. I begged her to do a C-Sec and she conveniently avoided me and requested my husband also to do so :). After a lot of pain the doc asked me to start pushing at 12. Around 12:15 I was relieved of all the pain and I started wondering what happened!Thats when I heard my lil baby crying. Wow again felt all the pain was worth it when i held my baby and saw her for the first time.

Alls well that ends well (baby was fine and was mom fine too though completely exhausted) is what we thought. Both Shonapa and I dozed off when we heard the lil one cry and realised that its time we start our parental duties and cannot think of resting. Its been 2 months and we are still waiting to get some rest :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Shonapa as I address him, has been a tremendous support to me for the last 5 years . I am not sure what would I have done during the worst years of my life had he not been with me. I am so glad to have him in my life.

Shonapa, Thankyou so much for all the support and love. I love you and am glad we are together. Happy Anniversary Shonapa. God bless you.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Mommy in the blog world

I started this blog to jot down all the random yet simple thoughts and I find myself visiting this blog after 3 years. Wow! call it lazyness, call it diversion of mind, I dont know. I just couldnt let myself blog in the past 3 years.
There have been a lot of updates and my life literally was a roller coaster ride these past years.
--I met the man I am so much in love with and am thanking the cosmic stars to have treaded his path . I couldnt have wished for a better husband.
--The person whom I loved the most and whom I would look up to, to whom all my frustrations were directed at, to whom I would confide all my secrets, who I now realise has been the best pal ,my daddy, is no more. He died battling cancer a little over a year ago and I had nothing else to look forward to in life. "Life goes on and one has to move on" is what everybody tells me, I still know not how, trying to figure it out.
--I quit my job and do i feel good about it?. Well excellent, esctatic.

Anyways instead of deviating from the title, the purpose of me revisiting my blog is Yes!! I am pregnant due in september and like all mommy bloggers I feel I should definitely write down my experience in this wonderful journey of motherhood.