Thursday, January 22, 2015

I want to be me

"I want to be me" such a simple sentence and yet has such a strong message, isnt it?

The other day my SIL took kulli out to get icecream. She happened to ask Kulli whether she wants to be Kulli Shonapa (kulli's real name with my husband's name as surname) or Kulli Amma(kulli's real name with my name as surname). Looks like kulli thought for a while and blurted "I want to be me".
When my SIL told me this, I was like woaahhhh wait did she say that.

I am not sure kulli understands what she has said. But to me it meant a lot. All I want to say to her is this,  I get the message kulli, I know you want to be you and I also wish to let you be.

P.S. FYI, when I asked her the same thing she said she wants to be Kulli Amma (yayyy....even if its just to please me..:))