Thursday, December 18, 2014

Little Mediator

The other day Shonapa and I had our usual fight "you did not do this, you come late from office blah blah". you get the drift right? No, we don't fight a lot and our fights are usually silly. So we did have one such fight and I went off to sleep after being vocal(read: scream) about my anger.

Kulli wanted me to play with her and I was in mood to do so. This is how our conversation went:

Kulli: Amma, what happened Amma?
Amma: Appa is useless Adi (this is where you guys should not advice me on how you should not bias the kids, I can be very mean when I am angry.)
Kulli: Thinks for a while, its ok Amma come lets play (ahh she has her priorities set ..)
Amma: No Kulli, I am upset I dont want to play
Kulli: What happened Amma?
Amma: I told you Appa does not help Amma and Kulli (see how I am making her a partner :))
Kulli: Thinks again and runs to Shonapa and yells Appa!
Appa: Come Kulli leave Amma alone, I'll play with you (good try Shonapa)
Kulli: No Appa! and she yells on top of her voice "Why are you not helping us Appa?"

I start laughing loud after this and all 3 of us end up playing with Kulli until midnight

See I have my own little mediator and a soldier.

Do you have one too?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Manager will hit you with the rolling pin..."

I know I've disowned the blog for sometime now. I take the blame, too lazy extremely hectic settling down in a new place, I can bore you with quite a lot of reasons, but nope that's not the intention of this post.

I really had to post this incident. Everytime I am on call with my manager kulli somehow manages to distract/disturb me. I keep telling her that my manager will hit me with rolling pin if I didn't work. The other day I was on call with my manager and kulli as usual tried to disturb me, I was in no mood to entertain her since the call was pretty serious and one where I had to do the talking. Kulli understood that I can get really angry if she distracted me. So she ran into her room maybe to plot her next move. She came back after 20 mins forcefully planted a kiss on my lips for nearly 5 mins and then mocked at me " now your manager will hit you with the rolling pin :)"

Hoping to keep posting such incidents more and more.