Monday, January 30, 2012

starbucks caaafffeee....

Shonapa loves starbucks coffee and its become a ritual to visit this place every weekend for a nice hot red eye ...
nowadays we are introducing kulli to this ritual of ours...and she has taken it pretty well... now by this what i mean is everytime she sees a nice hot tall coffee cups in both amma and appa's hands she goes caaaaaaaffeeeee...everytime I nod at her and say "very good you are right it is indeed coffee..." and kulli raises her voice and screams caaffeeee...and the voice gets louder with every nod of mine....thats when i receive stares from people around me who have come to this place to relax and njoi every sip of starbucks.....
it took me a while to understand that kulli wanted starbucks too...(wonder how even dis detail gets into the gene..ughh) we get her a kiddy cup with hot choclate and kulli is all happy to have her version of starbucks caaaffeee....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


ok i come from a place called hubli thats located in north karnataka..i was born here and so i keep introducing myself as tamil by birth and kannada by heart (or choice)....i love my place even though some frens of mine think that there are only 2 traffic signals or 2 schools.....

so yeah i was teaching kulli to say hubli and she picked it up immediately....

now you see shonapa was born and brought up in chennai and he obviously wanted her to know chennai before she could learn anything about he asked her to say chennai and my baby immediately says SAANI(for those who do not know tamil, Saani is cowdung :))....ha ha clearly somewhere deep inside my gal also belongs to jumping up in the air....


The night before Christmas is what kulli and I are reading nowadays...

she loves it when I imitate santa's laughs ho ho ho and does it herself..

everyday after am back from work.. she runs to her toy box, pulls out the book and says Chrithamath... meaning read me this book :)

Friday, January 20, 2012


my betterhalf lets call him shonapa...taught kulli to call me "FATSO"....(i know!!)

but being my darling daughter.... she waited the next day till shonapa arrived and yelled FATSOOOOO with fingers pointed at him....ha ha ha (evil laugh) no i didnt teach her anything....

isnt she a darling mommy's gal? (baby lets see for how long though :)) cos i was always daddy's gal and if she has lil bit of my genes in her am sure d day is not very far wen she turns out to be one too :(

jubby dubby...

If you are wondering what the title is....

its the song kulli has caught on to for a couple of days... its her version of zoobie doobie from 3 idiots :)

she loves kovvai ...(her version of kolaveri ) and immediately starts dancing...

makes my day to see my baby enjoy music...muahhhhh

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Introducing Kulli

I had posted long back my delivery story and havnt really updated anything after that here.

I have now decided that this place will be saved for all the updates of my lil one...lets call her kulli.. so that i can read this space later and re-live the sweet memories...

Kulli is a very active child for her age and has picked up quite afew words... right now she is in the parroting mode and parrots all that I say (including I am pattot..)

i want to save some of the words that she says ...and thats so cute... that i never wanna forget them...

here goes:

Apple--> aapppi
i love you--> aavuvu

here are some of her verions of the rhymes

after i sing the line hickory dickory dock
she goes mouse kawk kawk
kawk hmm unnn
mouse hmmm dunnn

after i sing chubby cheeks, dimple chin
she goes mommy's hmmm is daa
pats her stomach and runs away from me..

she loves kolaveri di so much that she brings my iphone and requests me to play deee deee
and dances to the full song....muahhhhhhh

Dear Blog am Sorry

I keep sending my blog to its deathbed after every post. lazy me....or lack of good language skills.

I will not let my dear blog die and give in to my laziness or my vocab(or the lack of it)...

dear blog you are now in safe hands and I promise I will revive and keep you alive hereafter... Amen