Thursday, December 7, 2006

Random Thought or Search for the Ultimate Answer

I keep reading the blogs that my frens have posted, felt let me also jot down all the random views and simple thoughts that run in mind when i have nothing much to do :).

Something that I ask myself always, why are we here? Isnt there a reason for us to be here?
Me feel that every action of ours is pre-planned, plotted cleverly by someone who is dis someone, i dont know, my close frend Mooshy believes that even the movement of a grass is preplanned, am I here cos i am sent to accomplish some task that is planned for me, if so then what is the task that i m supposed to accomplish, y dnt i hve a written copy or statement of the task that i need to finish successfully. Again hw do i knw if at al i have finished this task successfully, hw do i knw if i am done with it well ahead of time oops!! this makes me restless.

Am scared to reveal this to my folks around, for d fear of being called a fanatic or a person who has nothing else to do but think fo all dese wierd stuff !!.

You talk about this to the generation b4 you and this what i get to hear from them "you are here to fulfill all your duties, as a daughter/son,sister/brother,wife/husband,mother/father etc etc". Sounds too monotonous for me, is everyone on dis earth with dis reason, i knw dere are 4 stages in life you need to fulfill and what i am talking about is just one of its stage, bt y is life so rndom. I find a lot of people around me talking about plans and working towards it and u achieve it.. what next.. ive achieved, am successful and momentarily happy after this :) what should i do plan yet another task for myself accomplis and move ahead? In doing so will i come across the task ive been sent here for?

I know my thoughts are random and there are lot of answers to dese, i do console myself that oneday i will get to knw my task and be successful :)

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  1. What you said is perfectly correct. Everything in this universe is perfectly planned, nay pre-planned. We have an illusion of making choices but do we really make the choice?
    The simplest example will be, you know that dieting and exercise reduces Fat. The whole world knows this. but acutally how many of them eat right. There are certain thing that have to happen the way they are already planned. So no matter how hard you try if something is not supposed to happen that wont.
    The fact that we are bound by laws proves that we just a part of the equation. If we really had the power of choice, we could have really defied gravity, cheated death etc. But none of this happens. There is a higher law, or equation or GOD that controls this universe. And you are here to do just what you are asked to do, while making you feel that you made that choice.