Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Mommy in the blog world

I started this blog to jot down all the random yet simple thoughts and I find myself visiting this blog after 3 years. Wow! call it lazyness, call it diversion of mind, I dont know. I just couldnt let myself blog in the past 3 years.
There have been a lot of updates and my life literally was a roller coaster ride these past years.
--I met the man I am so much in love with and am thanking the cosmic stars to have treaded his path . I couldnt have wished for a better husband.
--The person whom I loved the most and whom I would look up to, to whom all my frustrations were directed at, to whom I would confide all my secrets, who I now realise has been the best pal ,my daddy, is no more. He died battling cancer a little over a year ago and I had nothing else to look forward to in life. "Life goes on and one has to move on" is what everybody tells me, I still know not how, trying to figure it out.
--I quit my job and do i feel good about it?. Well excellent, esctatic.

Anyways instead of deviating from the title, the purpose of me revisiting my blog is Yes!! I am pregnant due in september and like all mommy bloggers I feel I should definitely write down my experience in this wonderful journey of motherhood.

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