Thursday, May 24, 2012

Random things about Kulli

Kulli is a big talkative...she loves to keep blabbering all the time. She has started forming  2-word sentences like
Amma yengi (wheres amma?)
cipp yengi, cipp edu (wheres the clip? take out the clip)
appa killi (appa pinched me)
amma saavi kuduuuuuu (amma give me the key)
amma phone
amma emote(amma remote)
amma saacket (for chocolate)
Amma eyeceam (for icecream)
Amma keeyons tha (Amma give Crayons)
Amma kannu (if something goes into her eyes)

She says:
A for aapi
B for Baaalu
C for Cat
D for Dog
E for Elephant
F for Fisss
G for Gollellaa (Gorilla) my fav
H for hat
I for Iggaloo (Igloo)
J for juich (Juice)
K for kannanu (Kangaroo) my fav
L for ayan (Lion)
M for monkey
N for Nose
O for Octtaapuss (Octapus) 
P for Pig
Q for qwason (Question) my fav
R for aabbit (Rabbit)
S for Sun
T for Umbella (if I say thats not right she immediately says tain for train)
U for Umbella
V for Van
W for Watch
X for Box
Y for ello (yellow)
Z for Zeeby (Zebra)

She can recognize alphabets thanks to her dad for getting the Mellisa & Doug Wooden Alphabet toy
She can say 1 to 20 and recognize the number 1 to 10 due to the same toy as above for numbers

she looks at her panda (that she calls deddy (for teddy)) and goes "I michchu  schoo massh" and "no cying (for no crying) or dont cy (dont cry)"

In the playground madam, loves to slide, swing but above all she loves to play with the mud, sand, stones. Loves to pick sand in her hands and drop it in someplace safe.

She loves to dance for all the songs with beats (do I see Vidya Balan in the making :)).

She loves to read and loves more when being read to.

She loves Straberries, Apples, Grapes, Pears for fruits and Biscuits, Chips, Cherios, Roasted Channa dal (Putani) for snacks.

She stands in front of the fan and goes "issa haa issu haa"

Finally she says amma aayi (stools), I say appo mukka (force it out) and she goes mmmmmmmmmmmm :)


  1. :) i guess i've had the privilege of listening to everything and seeing her dance too.... cute kutti... you should put her in ballet :)

  2. thats sooo soo cute..wish I was there to see all that!! Mooshi...wish I had all the patience you have to put together all this. Aditi will love you for this when she reads it!

  3. Gundus..I still remember Aditi coming and sitting on my lap(Diaper potundu :)) ,when i took a book to read :)..And B for Ball thanae athu yaru Balu ;)