Thursday, October 11, 2012

When does it strike you that your kid has grown..

--> When on forcing to finish the milk she looks at you in your eyes and with a stern, firm voice says "Enough".

--> When she starts helping you in the kitchen like putting milk cans in the trash, getting you onions from where its stored

--> When she hates you for scolding her in front of others

--> When she goes to a corner, makes a long face and stays there making sure you are looking at her to prove that she is upset

--> When she addresses you by your name

-->When she wants to eat on her own with a spoon and does not want you to feed her

-->When she starts humming the songs along with you (not the rhymes but the bollywood songs!)

--> When she pats you to sleep and sings a lullaby too

And all this at 2 years !!


  1. :) i liked the 'corner' part the most.... more to come :)

    1. ha ha dont scare me Ramya.

      when she does the corner thing I burst out laughing and madam gets even more upset :)

  2. damn facing d same thing here. such a sweeeeeet moments. Do record these moments.

    1. ha ha you to record it the least please blog about it.. so that we can read this in our old age and reminisce the moment :)