Thursday, December 20, 2012

Please Thankyou Appa

This morning Kulli got up and came to me half sleepy (have you noticed their eyes when they walk after sleep, half closed soooooo cute :)) and asks me "Amma phone". I told her Kulli first wish me good morning and then you can ask for the phone and she goes Ammagudamingphone all in one breadth. By then Shonapa wakes up and takes his phone from the table. Seeing this Kulli runs to him and goes Appa giveeeeeeeeeeee...Appa give ittome....Appa giveeeeeeeeeee phone.....I ask her to say "Appa please give phone". She knows the only way she can get is to do as I say and she goes Appa please give. Shonapa melts at this and gives it to her. I then asked Kulli to say Appa Thankyou, she looks at us for a while and goes Appa Please Thankyou (all together so we dont bombard her with more knowledge etiquette while she is browsing youtube :))

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