Wednesday, January 25, 2012


ok i come from a place called hubli thats located in north karnataka..i was born here and so i keep introducing myself as tamil by birth and kannada by heart (or choice)....i love my place even though some frens of mine think that there are only 2 traffic signals or 2 schools.....

so yeah i was teaching kulli to say hubli and she picked it up immediately....

now you see shonapa was born and brought up in chennai and he obviously wanted her to know chennai before she could learn anything about he asked her to say chennai and my baby immediately says SAANI(for those who do not know tamil, Saani is cowdung :))....ha ha clearly somewhere deep inside my gal also belongs to jumping up in the air....


  1. Hilarious!! :)

    btw, once she knows that out of the two traffic signals one doesn't work, i think she would shift to being a chennaiite, Anusha!! :)

  2. Jay by then am sure there will be plenty of traffic signals installed and working...

  3. Ha ha ha ! you continue to make us laugh guess kulli will join the club soon, miss you folks a lot !

    1. hey Neha (pen name is it :))..welcome to my blog...i am sure kulli will make you rofl .. we miss you too and Mr Neha too :)