Monday, January 30, 2012

starbucks caaafffeee....

Shonapa loves starbucks coffee and its become a ritual to visit this place every weekend for a nice hot red eye ...
nowadays we are introducing kulli to this ritual of ours...and she has taken it pretty well... now by this what i mean is everytime she sees a nice hot tall coffee cups in both amma and appa's hands she goes caaaaaaaffeeeee...everytime I nod at her and say "very good you are right it is indeed coffee..." and kulli raises her voice and screams caaffeeee...and the voice gets louder with every nod of mine....thats when i receive stares from people around me who have come to this place to relax and njoi every sip of starbucks.....
it took me a while to understand that kulli wanted starbucks too...(wonder how even dis detail gets into the gene..ughh) we get her a kiddy cup with hot choclate and kulli is all happy to have her version of starbucks caaaffeee....


  1. My friend and I, are great fans of Chinese food ( Indian Chinese, for you American folks :) ) and Coca Cola. My friend now has a 2 year old adorable baby boy. Every time we get a Coca cola for ourselves, Sashu ( his baby ) eagerly puts his hand out for a share. Obviously, the parents are currently reluctant to share the drink with the kid.

    So, they have apparently (mis)informed the kid that the drink is "Kaaram" (spicy, in Tamil ), so that the kid stops asking for a sip.

    The facial expressions to show "Kaaram" everytime we take a sip aside, i keep warning my friend, that one day, this young boy is going to find out what Coca Cola is, and on that day, my god, is life going to be spicy for the parents? :)

    Kulli and Starbucks reminded me of this :) Atleast Starbucks is getting a loyal customer. :)

    1. ha ha definitely let me know when Sashu finds out the truth..

      Kulli thinks coca cola is juice and keeps asking us... we give her prune juice (same colour you see..) that way her constipation is taken care of too ;)

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    1. ofcourse...still wondering where my genes are sleeping.. need to wake them up soon :)