Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Homedaycare is turning out to be a good decision for Kulli....she likes the new place....she likes her new friend who is a year older than her....

there are quite a few postiives I have observed with this goes

-> Kulli gets another child to play with and she is learning to share stuff
->the other child G, wouldnt eat Ragi before..but seeing Kulli eat hers, he has started it too
->G loves to keep snacking and Kulli has picked it up...she now eats fruits, nuts, biscuits etc
->they keep running around the house the whole day and are tired by 9 in the night...that is a win win for both me and S (who takes care of Kulli now) cos both the kids are off to bed by 10 (you may say this is still very late for kids bedtime...but wait Kulli's standard bedtime before this was 12:30 a.m.)
-->Kulli gets to eat homemade food and is fed well before I pick her up in the evening

I guess the only negative so far has been Kulli gets to watch a lot of television. But S and I are fine with it till the time Kulli gets settled and gets used to the new environment.

On the whole am glad.. I ve found a good place for her for now.

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