Monday, March 19, 2012

Blessing is when ...

-.> I pretend to cry and kulli runs up to me, gives me a tight hug and starts crying herself if I dont stop.
-> Shonapa pretends to hit me and Kulli stares at him and says "Chup' (meaning shutup)
-> Kulli wakes me up in the morning with a beautiful smile
-> Kulli for no reason comes to me and gives me a peck on my cheek
-> Kulli wakes up in the middle of the night crawls out of her crib climbs over shonapa to find me and snuggles
    next me.
->Kulli holds me tight when something startles her
->Kulli brings a book, climbs up the sofa, sits on my lap, opens the book and points at the book to let me know
    that I need to read to her.


  1. When you are a child, it is a blessing to feel your father's strong hand tightly holding your supple ones.

    As you grow up, it is a blessing to finally stop hearing the questions "Oh sweetie, tell uncle your name?" and more such questions

    Much Later still, it is a blessing to have your sweetheart (before or after the marriage) stand too close to comfort on a rainy day ( not your comfort, but other's comfort :) )

    And still later, it is the no reason peck on the cheek

    As time makes the hairs whiter, it will be the strong hold of your children on your weak hands.

    We are lucky to have a good life.

    1. Very well said Jay... sorry for replying late.

      I guess no matter how distressed we are or how unfortunate we feel we are... its these small things that make life beautiful and makes you wanna be optimistic and live life to the fullest