Thursday, April 19, 2012

19 months and already independent

I remember my sister working really hard to teach my nephew when he was 19 months old to do quite a lot of stuff on his own like
--> eating on his own from his plate
-->potty training
-->playing on his own with the toys and give her some time off.

I kept thinking for a long time that I should start training Kulli too now that she is old enough. But guess what? Kulli has started doing almost everything on her own (except the potty training part)

--> she loves to eat on her own (ofcourse with more than half the food on the floor)
--> loves to play on her own with the toys
-->loves to play games on the phone
--> loves to run alone when we are outside and she continues to run even if she does not find me anywhere near her

As much as am glad that she is trying to be independent am also sad that she is growing up too soon, its true that girls grow up really fast. But hey she still holds my shawl or shirts when I am not around or she keeps saying "amma office". She hasnt grown that big and independent afterall :)


  1. you too were like this as a kid :D
    This is usually the most common thing you will hear!
    OH mooshi! we dint know each other as kids, isnt it :)

    Its just that she is as smart as her genes are!!

    1. he he I know we've known each other for years now...that it doesnt really matter if we actually grew up together in our childhood..

      and yayyyyyyy thanku thanku.... for the compliment :)

  2. i can totally relate.... on one hand we want them to learn everything but at times we also want them to be dependent and small :)

    loved your blog anu and the kala tika too :)

    i'll go through all your posts now :)

    1. thanks Ramya...

      you can copy the image and put it in your blog too :), i think you should