Thursday, June 6, 2013 what motherhood taught me or not?

I think I have never been patient in my life for anything like when others are talking, you should patiently listen and then respond (I would cut them short and start talking ..rude i know) or like wait in a line patiently (long queue in movie theatres chuck it in black even if I could get the tickets had I waited patiently in line) the list goes on, but you get the point right?

Things changed completely after Kulli was born. If someone asks me what changed after motherhood? I immediately without blinking an eye tell them "I ve learnt to be Patient". I think it is true to a great extent. For example, nowadays when I am talking to someone Kulli screams at the top of her lungs and when asked what happened she goes "He no talk to (the person that has my attention currently)", I stop talking immediately and just keep listening to the other person. When I am waiting to board the flight in line Kulli screams again (like mom like daughter you see) so to make sure I dont have the attention of all those boarding the flight, I start entertaining Kulli and forget that I am actually waiting patiently in line. And I have already told you how we go to movies nowadays.

If you still dont believe me let me tell you another incidence that will prove to you that I am extremely patient and have mastered the art of being so. Last week we were in Chicago to visit Shonapa's friend and his wife. We stayed at their place for 4 days. Kulli got a gift as soon as we entered the house. Kulli has never paid any attention to the toys we have got her so far, she will play with the toy for 5 mins and forgets completely about it. But this one toy got her attention for 4 full days. Shonapa played with her the first time and after the cups were all stacked up to a tower all of us applauded the little one. This got her more interested with the toy and she kept building the tower for one full day. Every single time she finished building it, she would look at all of us and we had to duly applaud for "Her Highness". The first day madam built the tower approximately atleast 60-80 times. Each time her mother had to make sure that everyone claps for her (so I had to be patient to do so :)). Also, if she wasnt able to place the cup correctly she would tell me "Amma dont be frustrated, try it again". She told me this atleast a 100 times in one day. At the end I kept telling her "Kulli am getting frustrated cos you are asking me not to so often :)".

Now tell me,  am I not patient?


  1. There are many things that we learn form them and for them... I think 'patience' is our very first lesson as a mom :) They toy looks great, I'm sure she would have enjoyed it! I loved "Amma dont be frustrated, try it again" :)

    1. Very true Ramya, at times I lose it too but mostly I ve learnt to be patient :)...

      I liked Kulli saying Amma dont be frustrated when she told me the first time :)...but now after hearing her say this zillion times I really am frustrated ;)